34th Infantry Division
Venezia-Giulia, Trieste, Pola

Operational Instructions
July-October 1945

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A recent visit to the US Army Military History Institute uncovered a number of the Division's occupation-era documents in the papers of General Charles L Bolte, CG, 34th Infantry Division, Jul 1944 - Nov 1945.

The documents below cover the period July 1945, when the Division was transferred from the French to the Jugoslav Border, to October 1945, when we headed 'home'.

The best memories, of course, for the veterans were Numbers 92 and 94 ...

Operational Instructions 83, 16 Jul 45, 34th Infantry Division Shifted to British Eighth Army
Operational Instructions 84, 25 Jul 45, 133rd Infantry on Police Detail in Pola
Operational Instructions 85, 25 Jul 45, 168th Infantry Relieves Jewish Brigade
Operational Instructions 86, 9 Aug 45, 133rd Infantry Relieves 168th Infantry
Operational Instructions 87, 10 Aug 45, 133rd Infantry on Police Detail in Gorizia

At this point the Operational Role for the 34th Division, 8 Sep 45 document was issued.
Operational Instructions 88, 12 Sep 45, 135th Infantry Relieves 133rd Infantry in Pola, Trieste
Operational Instructions 89, 12 Sep 45, 34th Infantry Division Relieves 10th Indian Division
Operational Instructions 90, 17 Sep 45, Seizing Illegally Owned Arms
Operational Instructions 91, 19 Sep 45, Security Plan, Convoy Escorts
Operational Instructions 92, 23 Sep 45, Movement to US, Relief by 88th Infantry Division
Operational Instructions 93, 26 Sep 45, Guarding Captured Enemy Ammunition Dumps
Operational Instructions 94, 29 Sep 45, Passing of Command to 88th Infantry Division

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