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A Partial History

135th Infantry Regiment
"To The Last Man"


34th Infantry Division
"Attack, Attack, Attack!"

135th Infantry Regiment   34th Infantry Division

Approved for Publication
Allied Force Headquarters
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Introduction, not a part of the official history

   The document sections which are linked to this 'cover page' are the edited transcriptions (see Note below) of an official field report. It was provided to the Association by Ray Rudolph, a veteran of the 135th Infantry Regiment, who prepared the sections up through Cassino while serving in the Regimental S-3 Section.

   Another soldier later prepared the sections Anzio Beachhead through Gothic Line, but was captured on the 1944-1945 Winter Line. It is at that point in time that this transcription ends.

   The field report project seems to have been dropped at that point, but raw material to bring the Regiment to the French border in May 1945, then the Yugoslav border in July 1945, and finally the United States in November 1945, ought to be found at the US National Archives facility in College Park MD.

The Background Of The 135th Infantry (p. 0)

The 135th In The Present War (p. 1-33)

Preparations for Combat, February 1941
Induction Into Federal Service (p. 1)
Camp Claiborne And Fort Dix (pp. 1-2)
Northern Ireland And England (pp. 2-3)
Algerian Campaign - Landing At Algiers (pp. 3-6), October 1942
Tunisian Campaign - Oran to Fondouk (pp. 6-9), November 1942
Landing At Oran (p. 6)
Pichon - First Action Against The Germans (pp. 6-7)
Defense Of The Sbiba Valley (pp. 7-8)
El Ala - Pichon Diversion (p. 8)
First Fondouk (pp. 8-9)
Second Fondouk (p. 9)
Tunisian Campaign - Hill 609 (pp. 9-12), April 1943
Italy And The Crossings Of The Volturno (pp. 12-17), September 1943
Montaquilla And Mount Pantano (pp. 17-19), November 1943
Cassino (pp. 19-24), January 1944
Anzio and Rome Campaigns (pp.24-28), March 1944
Anzio Beachhead (pp. 24-25)
Rome (pp. 25-28)
Up The Coast To Leghorn (pp. 28-31), June 1944
The Gothic Line (pp. 31-33), September 1944

Awards (pp. 33-34)

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