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The 34th Infantry Regiment, usually referred to as simply the "34th Infantry", is sometimes confused with our 34th Infantry Division. To assist those who came to rest at this website while searching for information about that Regiment, here are some highlights to help them:

34th Infantry Regiment • World War I

Constituted 1 July 1916 in the Regular Army as the 34th Infantry. Organized 15 July 1916 at El Paso TX, by transfer of personnel from the 7th, 20th, and 23rd Infantry Regiments. Assigned to the 7th Division 6 December 1917.

The Regiment is credited with participation in the Lorraine Campaign.

Source: Infantry Regiments of the U.S. Army. James A. Sawicki.

34th Infantry Regiment • World War II

The Regiment is credited with participation in the New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, and Southern Philippines Campaigns.

1 Jul 40  •  Activated at Camp Jackson SC as part of the 8th Infantry Division
25 Sep - 26 Nov 41  •  Moved to Winnsboro Maneuver Area SC
3-16 Dec 41  •  Staged at San Francisco Port of Embarkation CA
21 Dec 41  •  Arrived Schofield Barracks HI
12 Jun 43  •  Assigned to the 24th Infantry Division
9-25 Aug 43  •  Enroute Camp Caves, Rockenham, Australia
15 Feb 44  •  Landed Goodenough Island
27 Mar - 14 May 44  •  Attached to Task Force Reckless Reserve
22 Apr 44  •  Landed Humboldt Bay, New Guinea
15 Jun - 17 Jul 44  •  Attached to Task Force Hurricane for operations with 41st Inf Div
20 Jun 44  •  Captured Boroke and Sorido airdromes, Biak Island
20 Oct 44  •  Assaulted Palo-Pawing area, Leyte Island Philippines
21 Oct 44  •  Subjected to fierce Japanese counter-attack
26 Oct 44  •  Secured Pawing, pushed into Leyte Valley
5 Nov 44  •  Relieved at Breakneck Ridge west of Pinamopoan
17 Nov - 2 Dec 44  •  Attached to 32nd Inf Div, battled for Kilray Ridge
27 Dec 44  •  Landed at Taglawigan, northwest Leyte
19 Jan 44 - 28 Feb 45  •  Attached XI Corps
29 Jan 45  •  Landed at San Antonio, suffered heavy losses at Zig Zag Pass
16 Feb 45  •  3rd Battalion assaulted Corregidor Island
19 Apr 45  •  Landed at Parang
20 Apr 45  •  Occupied Fort Pikit, seized Highway 1 - Sayre Highway junction
24 Apr 45  •  Led Division push onto Digos on Davao Gulf
12 May 45  •  Reduced Japanese pocket in the Guma sector
21 May 45  •  Captured Hill 550 after a battle of several days
30 Jun 45  •  Mopping up, patrolling, security on Mindanao until the end of the war
22 Oct 45  •  Arrived Japan for occupation duty.

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Source: Order of Battle, U.S. Army, World War II. Shelby L. Stanton.

34th Infantry Regiment • Coat of Arms

SHIELD: Azure crusilly fitche or; on a canton of the last, masoned sable, a cross pattee argent, fimbriated of the first.
CREST: On a wreatrh of the colors or and azure, a cactus (prickly pear) vert.
MOTTO: Toujours en Avant {Always Forward).
   The Regiments originally contributing personnel in 1916 are symbolized on the canton: the masoned wall is from the arms of the 7th Infantry, the white Maltese cross is from the arms of the 20th and 23rd Infantrys. The blue background with gold cross crosslets sharpened at the foot reflects World War I service. The 34th Infantry served in that part of the Province of Lorraine which was anciently the Barony on Commercy. The arms of those Barons were blue, scattered with gold cross crosslets sharpened at the foot. The crest commemorates Texas, the birthplace of the Regiment.

Source: Infantry Regiments of the U.S. Army. James A. Sawicki.

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