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Lessons Learned in Combat • 34th Infantry Division

"Lessons Learned" is a very valuable segment in our Military History presentations. It is especially valuable for the families of the men and women who served in any of the World War II tactical ground forces in the Mediterranean or European Theaters.

The most frequent e-mail I receive says, "he never talked about it." Usually I can respond with pointers for help or information from my own resources and experience.

Without faulting in any way the reasons for the veterans' reluctance to share their memories with family, there comes a time when family members need some understanding of what happened during that war.

Well, here it is - not from the Ambroses or Brokaws, not even from the Murrows and Pyles - as valuable and insightful as they all were. "Lessons Learned" comes directly from the pencils of privates, sergeants, lieutenants, colonels. I found only limited editing for a consistent format, but could not sense any editing of their original thoughts.

There are eight chapters in this Lessons Learned in Combat downloadable PDF file (200k, 98 pages) PDF File:

1. Infantry
2. Artillery
3. Infantry-Tank Tank-Infantry Teams
4. Engineers
5. Signal Communications
6. Supply
7. Intelligence
8. Personnel

For you veterans who read this, I'm sure you'll recognize situations and places - if not names - whether you were in the 34th Division or another combat unit.

Family members reading this are urged to write down what you've heard, and to preserve all their veterans' documents and memorabilia. These are all part of living history, so you've got to keep it alive.

The document as presented there is - within the limits of the my vision, alertness, and stamina - an accurate rendering of the original; but it is not a "true copy". Occasional misspellings and typographic errors in the original have been corrected. Further annotations - primarily abbreviation and acronym expansions - and insertions of clearly dropped words may appear in 'square brackets'.

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