The Story of the 34th Infantry Division

Book I • Louisiana to Pisa
Book II • Pisa to Final Victory

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The Story of the 34th Infantry Division.

Compiled by Members of 34th Infantry Division

Book I • Louisiana to Pisa
Published by the Information and Education Section, MTOUSA

Book II • Pisa to Final Victory
Published by the Public Relations Section at Archetipografia di Milano - S.A.


Note: Chapters I through IX of Book II are renumbered as Chapters XVIII through XXVI in this merged online presentation.

The information presented here may be freely shared, but we ask that credit be given to 34th Infantry Division Association and to this website.

The two books, about 5" by 7" each, were prepared in the Fall of 1944 and Summer of 1945 respectively for distribution to all troops of the Division, and were marked "... passed by the United States censor and may be mailed home".


This is the story of an Infantry Division.

The tale is worth telling because it relates how a group of Americans were formed into a fighting team and how the team remains, even though some of the men who compose it pass on. This is the record of the first American Division to be sent to the European Theater of War after Pearl Harbor. It is the account of more days in combat than any other American Division has had in World War II.

It is the story of a long, hard task.

Contents and Links


Book I • Louisiana to Pisa
Chapter I • IRELAND • Beginning [pp. 1-2]
Chapter II • ALGIERS • Pretending [pp. 3-5]
Chapter III • FIRST DAYS IN TUNISIA • Skirmishing [pp. 6-10]
Chapter IV • SBEITLA - HADJEB el AIOUN • Scouting [pp. 11-13]
Chapter V • FONDOUK • Beating [pp. 14-16]
Chapter VI • HILL 609 • Conquering [pp. 17-22]
Chapter VII • EDDEKHILA • Exploiting [pp. 23-25]
Chapter VIII • TRAINING FOR EUROPE • Preparing [pp. 26-28]
Chapter IX • SALERNO - BENEVENTO • Hurrying [pp. 29-33]
Chapter X • VOLTURNO • Spanning [pp. 34-42]
Chapter XI • MOUNT PANTANO • Climbing [pp. 43-48]
Chapter XII • SAN VITTORE - CERVARO • Clearing [pp. 49-54]
Chapter XIII • CASSINO • Storming [pp. 55-64]
Chapter XIV • ANZIO • Waiting [pp. 65-69]
Chapter XV • THE BREAKOUT - ROME - CIVITAVECCHIA • Chasing [pp. 70-76]
Chapter XVI • CECINA • Scattering [pp. 77-84]
Chapter XVII • LEGHORN • Slugging [pp. 85-90]

Book II • Pisa to Final Victory
Chapter XVIII • ROSIGNANO SOLVAY • Training [pp. 7-10]
Chapter XIX • GOTHIC LINE • Considering [pp. 11-16]
Chapter XX • FLORENCE - MONZUNO • Assaulting [pp. 17-30]
Chapter XXI • BELMONTE • Dragging [pp. 31-34]
Chapter XXII • YEAR'S END • Defending [pp. 35-42]
Chapter XXIII • NEW YEAR • Patrolling [pp. 43-52]
Chapter XXIV • BOLOGNA • Smashing [pp. 53-58]
Chapter XXV • HIGHWAY 9 • Slashing [pp. 59-70]
Chapter XXVI • BRESCIA - IVREA • Triumphing [pp. 71-75]

Note: Photographs are not reproduced here. Our source documents for this project were of poor quality, and the photographs were overly dark half-tones, which do not lend themselves to online publication. We will be working, as a follow-on project, to provide some of the maps from these booklets.

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