The Stars and Stripes (Mediterranean), 24 Dec 1944:

Yanks Inch Ahead Near Mt. Belmonte

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ADVANCED ALLIED FORCE HEADQUARTERS, Dec. 23 - The pin on the map south of Bologna moved for the first time in weeks yesterday as American troops pushed ahead 500 years against strongly-entrenched Kraut elements in the Mt. Belmonte sector of the 5th Army front.

Patrols fanned out during the night into the high ground some eight miles south of Bologna and maintained close contact with enemy positions north of Hill 407.

On the 8th Army sector, Canadian troops advanced rapidly to the northwest yesterday through the huge breaches torn in the German line northeast of Faenza. Swiftly following up their breakthrough from the Naviglio bridgehead, the Canadians reached the Senio River on a six-mile front northwest of Bagnacavallo.

Isolated German remnants were being rapidly mopped up yesterday in the sector south of Bagnacavallo, while north and northwest of Faenza, Allied troops were rapidly erasing the last German salient east of the Senio River. The town of Mezzano, two miles northeast of Faenza, was occupied during the day.

Aside from the local gains made south of Bologna yesterday, activity on the 5th Army front was largely confined to patrolling and artillery exchanges. For the first time in weeks, a relative calm existed along the right flank of the line, where the Germans still hold Tossignano in strength.

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