34th Division Artillery
Fires Record Million+ Shells

The Red Bulletin • May 19, 1945

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The Red Bulletin • Vol. 1, No. 9 • May 19, 1945 • pp. 1,3.

Artillery Fires More than 1,000,000 Shells
Sets Record For World War II

Artillerymen of the veteran 34th "Red Bull" Division fired more than 1,125,639 shells at the Germans in World War II, it was revealed today. This figure is the greatest record of artillery-support-of-infantry of the war.

Each of the four battalions in the 34th Division Artillery has had its "Black Days", which may account for some of the enthusiasm with which the Artillerymen tossed shells at the Krauts.

Avenged Altavilla

The 151st Field Artillery Battalion avenged Altavilla, Italy, where four days after they landed at Salerno on D-Day, Sept. 9, 1943, the Germans heaped shells in on the 151st gun pits from mountain peak positions.

The 125th Field Artillery Battalion remembered with a vengeance Nov. 29, 1943, when more than a score of Artillerymen fell at Scapoli, Italy.

In January, 1944 , The 175th Field Artillery Battalion took a beating from big shells at San Pietro, Italy, and the 175th didn't forget.

The 185th Field Artillery Battalion recalled the 40 casualties suffered by the battalion from the bombs of six Nazi planes at Venafro, Italy, in January, 1944.

Work Together

During more than two years of combat, more than a thousand casualties have been sustained by the four artillery battalions.

The artillery outfits have been working together so long that battery officers don't have to snap out a half dozen orders when telephone lines are to be laid, when the battery is to move, when gun positions must be prepared. The men know what has to be done and they do it.

One battery commander makes a habit of announcing the exact time the battery will move when he has received a march order. When that hour arrives, he gets in his peep and starts - it's taken for granted that the battery is ready, packed, and set to roll. He doesn't look back to check - it isn't necessary

And the men have never let him down.

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