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Links directly related to the 34th Infantry Division:

34th Inf Div (WWII) Webpages at Military History Network
Another website by your webmaster, a broad view of war in the Mediterranean Theater;
it contains much Red Bull information as well. Some of that content will soon be
moved into your new "home" here.

34th Inf Div (NG) Website at MN Adjutant General
http://www.dma.state.mn.us/redbull/welcome.htm External Link
Organization, news, and history of the current 34th Infantry Division (National Guard).
Put your cursor on the "Site Menu" bar at the left edge to find subordinate content.

34th Inf Div History at MN Adjutant General
http://www.dma.state.mn.us/redbull/history1.html External Link
World War I, World War II, Ranger, and recent history of the 34th Inf Div.

34th Inf Div History and Current Status at GlobalSecurity.org
http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/34id.htm External Link
Detailed and well-organized information on the structure, lineage, and status of the
current 34th Inf Div and of its subordinate units. A brief history is also included.

34th Inf Div WWII Death Casualties
http://34thdivdeathcasualties.homestead.com/HomePage.html External Link
Craig Johnson, an historian of the 34th Infantry Division Association, has created over
the years this very detailed record of all those who lost their life during World War II.

Lessons Learned in Combat - 34th Infantry Division
This is the transcription of personal statements, about 100 pages, detailing
experiences of 34th Division members, in all units, and of all grades and ranks.
It was provided in September 1944 to Fifth Army where it became a key source
for their "Military Encyclopedia" publication.

Organic, Assigned, and Attached Units:

133rd Infantry Regiment - Narrative History
This collection, presently on the Military History Network website, will be moved to
this website when it is next updated.

100th Inf Bn and 442nd Inf Regt history at Home of Heroes
http://www.homeofheroes.com/moh/nisei/index.html External Link
Extensive history of the 100th Inf Bn, 442nd Inf Regt, and 442nd Regimental Combat Team
"Go For Broke" Nisei troops in WW II, with extensive detail on the 21 Medals of Honor
presented to these soldiers.

100th Inf Bn and 442nd Inf Regt history and current status at GlobalSecurity.org
http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/100-442in.htm External Link
One interesting discovery here: there is only one Infantry unit left in today's
Army Reserve Forces structure: the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment.
(All other Infantry units are in either the Active Forces or the National Guard.)

442nd RCT at katonk.com
http://www.katonk.com/ External Link
Website of and for the Veterans' Associations of the 100th Inf Bn, 442nd RCT, and
Military Intelligence Service. Check the Memorials page for a lot of photos.

752nd Tank Battalion
http://www.752ndtank.com/ External Link
An excellent example of a Tank Bn website, detailing the history and records of a unit
that was often attached to and supported the 34th Inf Div.

Individual Histories:

Oral History - Thomas Kindre, 734 Ord Co, 34 Inf Div
http://fas-history.rutgers.edu/oralhistory/kindre.html External Link
The first oral history we've found online of an honored member of the 34th Inf Div.


The Division's Place in the "Big Picture":

Special Operations in the Mediterranean
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/70-42/70-422.htm External Link
An official history documenting formation of "Darby's Rangers" (most of them coming
initially from the 34th Inf Div), their training, and actions at Dieppe, North Africa,
Sicily, Salerno, and - disasterously - at Anzio.

USMA WWII Maps - Europe
http://www.dean.usma.edu/history/dhistorymaps/WWIIPages/WWIIEurope/WWIIEToC.htm External Link
The History Department at West Point has placed a series of large-scale maps online to
help you follow the trail of the Red Bulls.

WWII Campaign Brochures at Center of Military History
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/collections/eame-cmps.htm External Link
The series of overview brochures, typically 32 pages, for each of the WW II campaigns
in the Mediterranean and European Theaters. These brochures, written from an American
perspective, have been placed online by the US Army Center of Military History.

To Bizerte with the II Corps [23 Apr 43 - 13 May 43]
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/bizerte/bizerte-fm.htm External Link
First of five detailed online presentations of Mediterranean Theater actions,
from the Center of Military History: CMH Pub 100-6, 95 pages.

Salerno to the Volturno [9 Sep 43 - 6 Oct 1943]
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/salerno/sal-fm.htm External Link
Second of five detailed online presentations of Mediterranean Theater actions,
from the Center of Military History: CMH Pub 100-7, 95 pages.

Volturno to Winter Line [6 Oct 43 - 15 Nov 43]
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/volturno/volturno-fm.htm External Link
Third of five detailed online presentations of Mediterranean Theater actions,
from the Center of Military History: CMH Pub 100-8, 119 pages.

5th Army at the Winter Line [15 Nov 43 - 15 Jan 44]
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/winterline/winter-fm.htm External Link
Fourth of five detailed online presentations of Mediterranean Theater actions,
from the Center of Military History: CMH Pub 100-9, 117 pages.

Anzio Beachhead [22 Jan 44 - 25 May 44]
http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/anziobeach/anzio-fm.htm External Link
Fifth and last of the detailed online presentations of Mediterranean Theater actions,
from the Center of Military History: CMH Pub 100-10, 122 pages.

Monte Cassino - 1st and 2nd Battles
http://www.accessweb.com/users/rbereznicki/monte1.htm External Link
Read the timeframe of January 25 through February 12 for a synopsis of the movements
and actions of the 34th Inf Div at Monte Cassino.

The Resistance in Italy (Philatelic Collection)
http://www.cifr.it/Chapter_01.html External Link
A history of the Italian Resistance Movement and Partisans (Partigiani), presented with
a philatelic context; Chapter 11 (8 pages) - "The Partisan Struggle for Freedom" - and
Chapter 12 - "Women in the Resistance" - are most relevant.
One of the most intriguing stamps is shown without explanation in Chapter 1:
a 10 Lire issue printed "CLN - Italia" "Posta Partigiana". Was it a stamp issued
by the Partisan postal service honoring the Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale,
or issued by the CLN postal service for Partisan use?
The former is the apparent reading, while the latter seems the more likely.


Other Resources:

American Battle Monuments Commission - Overseas Military Cemeteries
http://www.abmc.gov/searchww.htm External Link
The ABMC website allows you to identify the 'who', 'when', and 'where' of all
military personnel buried in any of the American Cemeteries overseas.

Military Record Requests (SF180)
http://www.archives.gov/facilities/mo/st_louis/military_personnel_records/standard_form_180.html External Link
This link can be used to request old military records for yourself or a family member.
Be aware, however, that most WW II records in this archive were destroyed in a 1973 fire.
Alternate sources usually allow reconstruction of basic 'certification of military service'
information, but not awards or unit assignments.


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